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Our Teams


From our directors and the management team to our staff on the ground, you will find that all our colleagues and skilled artisans contribute to the success of the Cercle.


Board of Directors - Non-profit association founded in 1983

The association gathers the approximately 1,500 members of the Cercle. It is in charge of all the "club" aspects of the Cercle Munster, such as the cultural programme and related activities.


Kneip Bob

Vice president

Morvilli Fabio


Emringer Manou


von Kunow Lentz Isabelle


Gillen Marie-Paule


Olinger Jean-Paul

Board of Directors - Limited company founded in 1982

The limited company, which is composed of 533 shareholders, is responsible for the operation of the Cercle Munster, the restaurant and the brasserie.


Molitor Michel

Vice president

Clasen Antoine


Kneip Bob


Roelants André


Goeres Robert


Deputy Director

Frank Paul

Front office

Member relationship manager

Roubacka Elora

Back office

Chief accountant

Gomes Antonio

Head of booking department

Esteves Fernando

Dining rooms

1st Maître d'hôtel

Orsini Frédéric

Maître de cave - Sommelier

Mangin Denis


Executive chef

Julien Alexis


Le Guernevé Jérôme

Pastry chef

Lodato Mickaël

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