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Dress Code & rules

1. Open hours and access

The Cercle is open to Members on working days from 11am to 1pm. The Council reserves the right to modify this timetable as necessity dictates. Admission is no longer authorised after 12h30am.

Members frequenting the Cercle are invited to sign the Register that is held in the Reception for this purpose.

Members are authorised to receive guests. No guest will be admitted if the inviting Member is not present. Guests must be also be signed in to the above-mentioned Register. The inviting Member is responsible for ensuring that his/her guests conform with this rule. Members and their guests must be dressed appropriately to their surroundings.

It is obligatory to wear a jacket and tie in the common rooms.

2. Dress Code

2 a. : In the Brasserie and the wine bar

It is obligatory to wear a Jacket and shirt.

Jeans may be worn provided that they are tidy and without holes.

T shirts, polo shirts and other sweatshirts, shorts, bermudas and pantacourts, tongs, sandals and other flip-flop shoes are not appropriate.

Trainers are welcome providing they are clean and not used for sport, and on condition that they are worn with an elegant outfit. Sport socks are not appropriate.

Baseball caps and other sporting headware are not acceptable. Elegant hats are welcome but should be left at the cloakroom.

2 b. : Elsewhere on the premises

Jeans are not permitted.

The Dress Code is “Tenue de ville”:

  • for men: an elegant city outfit, worn with a tie or cravat.
  • for women: a dress, suit or trouser suit, worn with shoes or boots.

The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the Cercle Muster to any person not in compliance with the Dress Code and kindly requests you to inform your guests to this effect.

3. Reservations

Members are asked to reserve their table and state when they will be eating. Reservations will be held open for a maximum 30 minutes.

4. Domestic animals

Domestic animals are not permitted on the premises.

5. Journals and periodicals

No journal, periodical or other reference work may be taken off the premises by Members or their guests. Members are kindly requested to return journals, periodicals and other reference books to their place after use.

6. Staff

Members are requested not to tip staff. A fund, the Fonds du Personnel, has been set up and is available to any Member wishing to make a contribution.

7. Suggestions and complaints

Any suggestion or complaint relating to the organisation of the Cercle, the quality of its food or service in the Restaurant must be addressed to the Management. Members are requested not to express their criticisms directly to a member of staff.

8. Objects

The Council of the Cercle declines any responsibility relating to the damage, for any reason whatsoever, of any clothing, object or material belonging to a member or to one of his/her guests, occurring within the Circle or the Restaurant.

Members and their guests are responsible for monitoring all clothing, objects and materials that they bring to the Circle or into the restaurant. The Circle declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of these, including if they have been forgotten after the departure of the Member or his/her guests. The insurance taken out by the Circle does not cover the clothing and/or personal items of Members.

9. Private functions

“Members will be able to organize private receptions in the rooms reserved for this purpose. All requests for reservations must be addressed to the Management of the Circle.

The rental price of the private rooms will be fixed at the discretion of the Management. This rental price will not include the cost of meals and drinks, nor any extraordinary expenses that may be incurred.

The rooms are allocated according to their availability and can be reallocated according to the needs of the Circle.

For the reservations of room for a group the Members are requested to confirm the number of guests of the group 24 hours before the festivities.

In the absence of a cancellation announced within the 24-hour period in accordance with article 12c below, the number of menus to be paid for will always be equal to a minimum of 90% of the total number of menus ordered, regardless of the number of menus not served. If the number of menus served exceeds 90% of the number of menus ordered, the number of menus actually served will be charged.

In the case of individual cash payments, the meals invoiced as “no show” will be distributed proportionally among the guests present.

If the Member does not confirm the reservation, the data on the confirmation sheet sent by the restaurant shall be considered accepted by the Member.

The Management will have the right to use the lounges of the Circle to organise events in the interest of the Circle. Members will be informed in due course by means of a notice posted on the ad hoc notice board.

10. Business

When dealing with business at the Circle, Members shall observe complete discretion so as not to offend the sensibilities of other Members. They will not be able to expose business documents or to make publicity.

Upon request to the Management of the Circle, Members may reserve a private room for business meetings.

11. Member Accounts

Meal bills will be issued by the Restaurant. They include VAT and must be paid without discount. The following are accepted: cash, debit card (Bancomat), credit cards (Amexco, Diners, Mastercard, Visa) and Member credit. Each Member has a current account with the Circle. They receive a monthly statement of their restaurant bills, which must be paid within thirty days without discount.

12. Guests

Members shall ensure that their guests are properly dressed and behaved. At the discretion of the Management, children and young people may be admitted if accompanied by a Member.

13. Restaurant operating rules: groups, receptions and banquets

13 a. :  Prices displayed

Except in the case of a specific contract and/or firm confirmation by the restaurant of a reservation, all prices in the price list and menus are subject to fluctuation according to the market price of raw materials and are given for information purposes only.

13 b. : Additional consumption

Food and drinks ordered during the meal, in addition to what is stated on the booking form, are charged at “à la carte” prices. The same applies to food and beverages consumed in addition to those ordered in an “all in” package.

The menu served to Members of a group will be that shown on the confirmation sheet. Single choice” menus will be served as reserved for the whole Group. Any variation in the choice of dishes, provided that it concerns more than 10% of the number of participants, for a pre-established menu, will be invoiced at the price of the dishes sold à la carte.

13 c. : Changements Reservation changes and cancellations for groups

A change in a reservation (date, time, number of people, number of meals etc.) must always be communicated to the Circle as soon as possible and accepted by it. The change, partial and/or total cancellation of a reservation, without booking fees, can only be made by fax to 47 25 87, either by post or by e-mail “” at least 24 hours before the arrival of the group foreseen in the reservation. In the event of partial or total cancellation communicated within this 24-hour period, the Member shall, as of right and without formal notice, immediately owe cancellation fees equivalent to 20% of the total amount of the menus ordered (including VAT) and not served.

14. Parking

The parking of the Circle is reserved for the Members as far as they are present in the rooms of the Circle and, as far as possible, for their guests.

15. Mobile phones and computers

The use of mobile phones and computers is not allowed in the common rooms.

16. Tobacco

Smoking is not allowed in the Cercle Munster, except in the lounge on the third floor and on the terrace.

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