Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Type: Exposition




Under the aegis of the Greek Embassy in Luxembourg


James Foot is a watercolour painter who lives and works in Greece and exhibits internationally. His paintings are figurative, descriptive of architecture, flora, landscape, sea & boats and are about light, about how sunlight resonates and illuminates the things around us and about capturing moments in time. He studied at Falmouth & Canterbury Art Schools and then moved to London, where he became involved in theatre. In his mid-twenties he travelled through Southern Europe and North Africa, recording his journeys in watercolour. He began exhibiting in London in 1986. James Foot has lived and exhibited in Morocco, Spain, Italy, America, Gibraltar as well as England but he eventually settled in Greece. He is represented annually at exhibition by The Image Gallery in Athens and by The Fine Arts Gallery in Gibraltar & in the coming year will be exhibiting in Cyprus, Spetses (Greece) and San Francisco as well as Luxembourg. Notable commissions have included the Handover of Hong Kong to China Ceremony 1997 and the facades of two historic central London hospitals, St Bartholomews and The Royal London plus commissions in many private collections.


The opening of the exhibition is sponsored by the Erasmus Lions Club Luxembourg hwww.lionscluberasmus.lu


A donation will be made to the Greek charity www.kivotostoukosmou.org/en



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